Geneva, NY.

It would seem fairly obvious where Geneva got its name from. It’s located in a state, New York, that was named after a foreign city after all.

As foreign cities go to be named after, Geneva isn’t too bad. It’s become a center for peace. It’s a beautiful place, too. has been there. It sits on a Lake in which taking this picture is even possible:

Lake Geneva from Lausanne.Wiki, at first, backs up this Swiss notion:

(S)ome claim it is named after the city and canton of Geneva in Switzerland...

So far so good.

(O)thers believe the name came from confusion over the letters in the word “Seneca” written in cursive...

Wait really?

First of all an explanation of Seneca.

Geneva is a city in Ontario and Seneca counties in the U.S. state of New York. It is located at the northern end of Seneca Lake put the theory to the test:

Those are all from Microsoft word. Six and Eight seem to back up the story somewhat.

At least, Geneva is better than its nickname, “Lake Trout Capital of the World.”

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