Needmore, Pa, In, Ga, Tx, & Wv.

Well if there was ever an apt Wiki page for a town it would be found for Needmore.

Needmore…as in needs more information. Needmore, a town in Pennsylvania, only has three sentences written about it on Wiki. There are three towns in Indiana named Needmore. One (Lawrence County) only mustered a one sentence description. Another (Vermillion) lacked a description altogether. The final one (Brown) did manage a full paragraph.

There are also Needmores in Georgia, Texas, and West Virginia.

Needmore…as in needs more people. The Pennsylvania town only has a population of 170. The Indiana page didn’t even bother listing populations. The Texas town only has 45 people.

Needmore…as in history. There aren’t any in depth explanations but one page explains where the peculiar name comes from. From the Brown County Indiana page:

It originally had the name Jackson’s Hollow. In 1915, a representative from the Illinois Central Railroad line was surveying the area for possible routes and the choice came down to nearby Helmsburg and Jackson’s Hollow. He eventually decided on Helmsburg because “The Jackson’s Hollow area needs more development to be considered a realistic choice.”

The Texas town was similarly named, “Needmore was so named because townsite promoters “needed more” settlers.

Strangely, there are two in relatively close proximity in Texas:

In the state of Texas, there are four small communities that share the name Needmore and on the high plains of the Llano Estacado, there are two. Needmore (Terry County) is located approximately 55 miles to the southeast of Needmore (Bailey County). Both are rural agricultural communities with cotton gins.

In Indiana, “The nickname became a derogatory name for the local school’s basketball team.”

However, as Indiana’s very own Fighting Irish will tell you, call somebody something derogatory for long enough and they are liable to like it.

Eventually the name stuck and became a point of pride amongst residents.

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