Santa Claus, In.

Joe Flacco comes from a little slice of heaven (five minutes from’s house growing up) and – more likely than not – Colin Kaepernick comes from Jim Harbaugh’s imagination. All of that would be worth delving into if didn’t recently learn where Wiki says other NFLer Jay Cutler comes from.

Jay Cutler was born in Georgia but grew up in Santa Claus, Indiana.

Did you catch that? There’s a town on this plane of existence called Santa Claus. Like, on Earth. Here.

What in the holy hell were they thinking? It wasn’t really their fault, at first.

The town was established in 1854 and known as Santa Fe (pronounced “fee”). In 1856, when the town was working to establish a post office, the United States Postal Service refused their first application as there was already a Santa Fe established with the USPS.

There’s the Post Office, again. No wonder people are trying to get rid of it. Of course, you can figure out how the rest goes, “Several town meetings were held, during which the name Santa Claus was selected.”

The town has the world’s only post office to bear the name of Santa Claus. Because of this popular name, the post office receives thousands of letters to Santa from all over the world each year. A group of volunteers known as Santa’s Elves ensures each child receives a reply from Santa Claus; this tradition has been in existence since at least 1914.

The town embraces the vibe for more than just the Christmas time:

A majority of Santa Claus residents live within the gated community of Christmas Lake Village, which was developed … around three lakes: Christmas Lake, Lake Holly, and Lake Noel.

There are actually two more towns with this name. There is an uninhibited town called Santa Claus in Arizona.

The popularity of Santa Claus went in decline in the 1970s. In July 1983, owner Tony Wilcox unsuccessfully offered to sell Santa Claus for $95,000, which was reduced to $52,500 by 1988. All remaining operating businesses in the town closed in 1995. In the 2000s, the town became difficult to locate and the few remaining structures and attractions were weather worn. What presently remains is several vandalized buildings, a wishing well, and the “Old 1225″, a derailed, pink children’s train tagged with graffiti that mar the hand-painted renderings of Santa and his elves on the train.

Wiki seems less interested in the town in  Georgia. With just about 250 people, they have also embraced the theme, “The city has several Christmas and reindeer-themed street names: Candy Cane Rd, December Dr, Rudolph Way, Dancer St, Prancer St, and Sleigh St.”

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