Considers Political Ads

A couple weeks ago there was a lot of talk about how campaign ads had grown historically negative. didn’t buy it. One campaign trashing the other candidate’s past is not dirty. It’s politics. Sure, releasing an ad set to the other candidate’s singing “America the Beautiful” out of key is cheesy. It’s also politics.

Then both campaigns started to release ads that were outright lies.

In the scheme of things, they sorta cancel each other out, but in the last couple of weeks an announcement was made that changed’s mind on one ad.

No, not Paul Ryan.

Clint Eastwood.

Clint Eastwood recently endorsed Mitt Romney for President. He said, “I think the country needs a boost.”

It made think about the Super Bowl halftime ad, “Halftime in America.”

That ad was attacked for being pro-Obama. They ignored that it starred a former mayor with some Republican leanings. They dismissed the fact that the star had just appeared in a movie that was somewhat indirectly very pro-car. They forgot that the sentiment greatly mirrored a commercial that appeared during the game just the previous year.

It was simply panned in some circles because it was pro-America.

The shame of it is that it was a good car commercial and it even went beyond that. It was artistically crafted. It could make you feel good about your country in a time when things were tough. It made Detroit look good. Also, most of the other commercials sucked that day.

If partisan players could screw that up then why should we have any confidence in them now? If the feeling of pride drives one side to hate the other then what is a one-point horse race going to make people think?

In the end, it just makes think that he can’t wait until this whole thing is over. Alternatively, it makes him think that one of them should hire the Chrysler guys.

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