Comparing the Voter ID and Healthcare

Recently, the Justice Department has said they will look into the¬†legitimacy of voter ID laws. First of all, uhh, thanks for getting around to it guys. It’s not like the election is coming soon and you hadn’t heard about it. Secondly, I have noticed that, of course, people’s opinions are generally falling on party lines. Here’s the problem with that:

Democrats: you must have this, i’ll see that you have it. it’s for your own good.
Republicans: Don’t force me to take what i don’t want or don’t need. Liberty!

Democrats: Don’t force me to take what i don’t want and don’t need.
Republicans: don’t worry we will provide it for you. I’ll see that you have it. It’s for your own good.

My point.
I don’t mean to say that one side is right or wrong on either side of the argument, I just want to say that I think people lean on ideology (“I like big/small government”) way too much when framing arguments and I think that is silly.

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