While it’s where Edgar Allen Poe died drunk in a gutter, it’s not the master of the macabre that makes people think of the horror of Baltimore. It’s the Wire.

The Wire, a former HBO drama often cited as being one of the best shows ever on television, follows police bureaucracy and the drug underbelly of the city. was actually partial to the show Homicide: Life on the Streets. While the quality of the show ebbed and flowed during its fairly long run, it was nearly flawless in its first few years and, like the Wire, it offered one of the most diverse casts imaginable on television. Homicide also was were Andre Braugher created one of the best characters ever to grace the small screen.

The police station in Homicide was perched enormously on the water at Fell’s Point.  Also evidently the home of Michael Phelps, Fell’s Point is the ever improving spot for young folks to get social. checked out Max’s. Their website promises 140 rotating drafts. Max’s has a couple of floors and a nice crowd on a weekend with enough TVs to watch any game you might want. ran into a man in the bathroom in between pants as it were. Once, he finished putting on green capri pants he said, “This is what happens when you lose a bet when you start drinking at 3.”

Power Plant Live! meanwhile, closer to the Inner Harbor, is so much fun that they are duplicating the endeavor in Philadelphia. It was late when made it there. Moving right along…

Closer to downtown there is the Belvedere Hotel in the Mount Vernon section of the city.  It’s the building that can best be described as the kind of place folks go to get married.

In the back corner of the Belvedere is the Owl Bar a speakeasy before the recent trend of speakeasies. It’s got versatile menu with brick oven pizza ($13.99), Maryland crab cakes ($22.49) and chicken pot pie ($13.99).  It’s prices are in line for those seeking a unique atmosphere but aren’t looking to spend vacation type prices.

The Owl Bar has a couple of owls peering over the bar with lighted eyes. The lore goes that when his eyes were blinking, the shipment had made it.

Upstairs in the Belvedere is the 13th Floor bar that offers the best views of the city. also learned that there is a dress code. Do to time and laziness constraint, he’ll just quote himself instant messaging with a friend. His writing is NOT in bold:

I forgot I have a story of sorts
bachelor party style
so I came to work fri
wore a hoodie
drove to Baltimore
checked in, met up with people
still in a hoodie
the second bar we go to…this smokin’ hot bartender says to me “bad news”
and I think she’s doing that joke thing, you know, 6 guys walk into a bar, uh oh, bad news
then she keeps going and is like no hoodies
was she being serious?

yep, soooo
did u tell her its good enough for (work)?

I’m from a blue collar town, so if you say that to me im just as likely to tell you to go F yourself
it was a sweater with a hood!
she was hot..
It’s a bachelor party and I don’t want to ruin it and, yeah, she was smoking hot (and like in a tank top now that I think about it, how is that ok?)
and she’s like we have shirts in the back
so I think well, I suppose that would be funny
so she comes back 5 mins later with two shirts, a solid and like a blue stripe situation
I’m a solid guy but something about this scenario makes me want to wear the stripes, something “When in Rome” about it, only its Baltimore and it’s a shirt and the saying doesn’t actually apply
so i put it on and it was a flipping nice shirt
all starchy and what not
that’s so odd
was it a real nice place?
In a Baltimore kind of way. It was a top floor bar, but also there was a curtain serving as a bathroom stall wall. Above the toilet it was written in marker, “Dear Noah, I thought you said the Ark was leaving at 5:30 not 4:30 — The Unicorns”
“top floor”
so then you start to think, ok well I’m not a shirt stealing kind of guy
no literally, it was on the 13th floor
but even if you aren’t a shirt stealer, well you kinda want this one
not so much for the quality, though, frankly, you pull it off, but because well it’s a free story every time you wear it
but the logistics of this are very difficult because while you are going to steal it, you don’t want to be a jerk, you just kind of want to eminant domain it. The shirt is of more value to you than them

but logistically how do you do it?

What do you mean?

Do you over tip $20?
What if the bartender just pockets that? Would I care if the bartender just pocketed it?
is it worth more than $20

is there an expectation of my stealing it
then there’s the top floor issue
it’s one thing to walk out a ground floor
but what about waiting for an elevator in a stolen shirt
I mean sure it’s only going to take a minute for it to come
and it’s not like anybody even knows you’re wearing it
Still, I’m pretty sure I would be terrified

The spacing got a little weird at the end there huh? That was the 13th floor. Which is just a block away from The Brewer’s Art, a Jeckyll and Hyde natured brewery. Upstairs is this fancy little restaurant and downstairs is this chill hang out with catacombs that make you feel like you are moments away from being the victim in Poe’s Cask of Amontillado. doesn’t want to go on all day about bars (But he could. Try Pub Dog Pizza and Drafthouse in the Federal Hill section of the city. had the Pupperoni Pizza (get it?) and green beer. They often serve their drinks two at a time in somewhat smaller glasses which will also make your sense of accomplishment swell after a few rounds when there are glasses everywhere.).  But Baltimore has more to offer than beer.

Take hot chocolate for example. You can get a hot chocolate at Pitango Gelato in Fell’s Point and then buy one in a plastic container so you can stick it in your fridge and save it for later.

Then there is the Chocolatea Cafe near the campus of John University where you can hang with the smart folk and drink elaborate hot chocolates. had the peanut butter cup coco-latte.

Edgar Allen Poe is said to have made only $9 for writing the Raven. It’s something can relate to, without the genius.


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  1. Somebody says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the Wire. In fact, anybody who likes it should check out Luther on BBC. Stringer + Detective + London.

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