Sleepy Eye

Alright, granted it’s pretty cool to have a town named after you. wonders, though, if it’s cool when the town name is basically making fun of you. Take this town in Minnesota:

Sleepy Eye is named after Chief Sleepy Eye, or Ishtakhaba, who was known as a compassionate person with droopy eyelids…

Other than his name though he seems to have been quite respected.

The Chief was one of four Sioux Indians (four Ojibwe also attended) chosen to meet President James Monroe in 1824 in the nation’s capital…His recommendations to traders led to the successful settlement of Mankato, away from flood areas…

Speaking of situations involving names and pseudo-compliments:

Linus Maurer, friend and coworker of Charles M. Schulz, was born in Sleepy Eye. Charles asked Linus if he could name a character after him in a new comic strip he was developing. He called it “Peanuts”.

Meanwhile, just wanted to bring this to your attention because he really likes butter.

Every August the residents of Sleepy Eye host the annual “Corn Days” event, where free buttered corn is provided, as well as live music, a flea market, and various other events.

And finally this bit sounds like it was the aborted plot line to a Footloose sequel.

Residents of Sleepy Eye made headlines in the early 1990s for trying to ban MTV in the town. found this description in an essay:

To religious moralists, MTV’s combination of television and rock ‘n’ roll is both potent and frightening. The little town of Sleepy Eye, Minnesota, recently got some national attention when members of the local Roman Catholic congregation, along with a few other God-fearing citizens, petitioned the city council and the local cable TV company in an effort to banish MTV from the local system. And in response to an MTV program on the “seven deadly sins,” an editorial in Christianity Today insisted that “popular culture ignores the possibility of salvation and condemns some sins while condoning {others}.”


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  1. Christin says:

    I’m grew up in Sleepy Eye. As far as I know, “sleepy eyes” is the translation of Ish-Tal-ha-ba’s name into English, so it wasn’t making fun.

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