War, West Virginia

War. What is it good for? Well, it seems like it was good for mining once. Not much now. There are less than 1000 people there and the poverty rate is nearly half.

According to Wiki, there is only one town in the US named War and it is supposedly nicknamed, “West Virginia’s Most Southern City.”

Its name is derived from War Creek, whose confluence with Dry Fork is located within the city. Legend has it that War Creek was in turn named by the local Native Americans about 1788 because of a battle which occurred near the source of the creek. … War was formerly known as Miner’s City.

Thoughtful of the Indians, when reminiscing about battles, to kindly use the English word for war to name the creek.

Today, War is known for somewhat rosier reasons:

It is well known for being a setting in the movie “October Sky” as writer Homer Hickam is a Big Creek High School alumni.

Isn’t that a terrific name for a writer or folk hero of any kind?

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