Half Day, Il.

Half Day sounds like what a town would be called if the movie Office Space was re-imagined as a cartoon for third graders.

Alas, we don’t even have to be that creative because the name already exists.

Half Day is a former unincorporated town in Lake County in the state’s northeastern region. It is about 30 miles north of downtown Chicago via Milwaukee Avenue.

The name, though. What about the name?

Many people mistakenly believe that it was named Half Day because it was regarded that Half Day was a half day’s distance from Chicago by horse and carriage.

Not so fast.

In reality, a horse and carriage could make it to Chicago in a half day but some believe the area was actually named after Potawatomi Chief Halfda, the chief at the time the area was settled. A cartographer spelled it “Half Day”, and the misnomer stuck, giving rise to the reputed, but erroneous, derivation of the name.

“In reality..some think.” Somebodyisfromhere.com is always happy to add some clarity to the topics at hand.

The town was forcibly annexed by the village of Vernon Hills in 1993.

Well, that doesn’t sound pleasant.

Admittedly, forced annexation sounds like the results of bad politics for Half Day. However, it does have one positive political claim to fame.

Half Day appeared in a news article in 1952 when then Illinois Governor Adlai Stevenson flew there to vote in the presidential election (Stevenson was a candidate the same year)

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