McConaughey: Part 2. just watched Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyer’s Club. In that film, McConaughey slims down to shocking proportions to play a homophobic AIDS patient.

The dude has come a long way from the Kate Hudson movies. In July of 2012, wrote about how much he liked the movie The Lincoln Lawyer. He wrote about the movies that McConaughey had in production and how much it impressed

According to McConaughey was in Fool’s Gold in 2008 with Hudson.  Also in 2008, he had bit parts in Tropic Thunder and a movie called Surfer, Dude. In 2009 he was in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. These movies all represent the McConaughey that brings about eye rolling.

In 2010, he made no movies. likes to think he used this year to think carefully about what he wanted to do next. However, evidence might also suggest he was just busy, you know, being married to a Brazilian model and having a kid.

The movies he picked afterwards, though, were an incredible change of pace. has seen all the movies he mentions in his link. After the article was written came Mud and Dallas Buyers Club. Both of those movies fit what is described in the link as well.

That’s not to say all of these movies were great, but he certainly did elevate the quality of all of them. In selecting the films, it is clear that he was no longer willing to just cash checks.

If it weren’t McConaughey these movies would feel like pandering. They seem like movies Will Smith and Tom Hanks would consider in order to win an Oscar. For gosh sakes, one movie’s plot has him hiding out on an island and talking only to children because he is sooooooooo gosh darn in love. McConaughey escapes pandering charges because half of the time he seems like the kind of guy who has never heard of the Oscars. has talked about the past (the article he eventually links to) and the present (Dallas Buyers Club), but the future continues this trend of excellent choices. The HBO show True Detective has him stirring it up with the only person as odd as he is (Woody Harrelson). Meanwhile, in the pipeline, he has movies with Scoresese (Wolf of Wall Street) and Christopher Nolan (Interstellar). These famed directors have no doubt watched McConaughey over the last couple of years.

Okay, so here is the article, Because isn’t scared to consider the career of a guy once arrested for naked bongo playing while wrestling with the political and economic thought processes at the same time.

Oh, and please let True Detective be great.


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