The Downside to Travel Writing (Manzanita, Or.) is in law school. Naturally, he intends to be a law abiding citizen and follow all necessary model rules. Nevertheless, there’s one downside to having an online conversational travel magazine.

Everybody knows your tendencies.

Imagine if ever had to go on the lam. The law enforcement folks would just pull up his “website” and hunt for wherever wrote most fondly about.

They would have to start in Manzanita, Oregon. It’s just under a 2 hour drive from Portland on the Pacific Coast.

Ecola State Park is nearby and offers breathtaking views of Haystack Rock for a reasonable admission price. Haystack is a rock the pertrudes from the water in the shape of an egg close to the coastline. It is featured in the background of first scene in Goonies.

Ecola is for the

Ecola State Park

views while a swimmer would need to arrive early to get parking at the Park’s Indian Beach to get wet. Otherwise, there is a fairly arduous trail connecting the beaches.

Cannon Beach is a quaint town outside the park. Likewise, it has its own parking complications during peak. It is a nice place to take a stroll.

However, to let yourself get utterly loss there is Manzanita just a few miles down route 101. At first, wasn’t even sure if there was anything behind the Supermarket on the highway and some houses. However, hunger drove him to look further where he did find a downtown and, for once, much easier parking.

A guest can shop, look through the windows, or eat but first you will likely feel the tug of the ocean pulling you to the beach. From the beach, one will enjoy a positively Hitchcockian view of water and cliffs including a view of the immense Haystack from below.

Manzanita has the casual feel of a coastal town. One pizza place didn’t even open until 4. Why rush when you can hide out in an enclave amongst cliffs?

According to Wiki, “Manzanita means “little apple” in Spanish” and was thus named because of the plants found nearby.

With a population of only about 600 a visitor is part of civilization but not likely to be spotted in it. It’s the perfect place to disappear. Maybe you don’t even have to commit a crime.

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