Sweet Home, Or.

Premise: You have to pick a town to live in based entirely on the name of the town. Suppose further that you were going for an idyllic small town feel.

At first, you might think of the standbys that have a faint whiff of white picket fences like Mayberry and Willoughby.

An entry from Oregon gets right down to brass tacks, though.

Sweet Home. Well, isn’t that lovely?

The town, with a population of nearly 9,000, lets some of its niceness out with their cocky motto: Sweet Home: Oregon at its Best.

The original name of the town wasn’t as cutesy. In fact, like all good things, it came from booze. “Buckhead was named after a saloon that featured a set of elk antlers on the gable end of its building.” Buckhead was later combined with adjacent Mossville to form Sweet Home in 1874.

Why did they settle on Sweet Home? The town’s website explains, “According to historians, Sweet Home was later named after the lovely green Sweet Home Valley.

Meanwhile, “The Sweet Home Valley of the South Santiam River runs from an area known as The Narrows near the western edge of the city of Sweet Home, Oregon to the confluence of the South Santiam and Middle Santiam rivers at Foster Reservoir on the east.

In fact, Sweet Home’s nickname is The Gateway to the Santiam Playground. Santiam Playground may very well sound like a goth strip club, but … well, Somebodyisfromhere.com couldn’t find where that word originated.

It’s probably not a goth strip club, however.

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