Clever, Mo.

When last he spoke, was looking into a town that was named something fairly mundane (Normal, Il). Today, on the other hand, he look at a town that thinks pretty highly of itself.

On Clever, Mo. Wiki explains, “Clever was established as a town in 1896. It’s name came from all the “clever” people living in the town.

Good thing it wasn’t inhabited my idiots at the time. Though, Imbecile would make a pretty catchy moniker.

Clever has a pretty standard old time story.

Clever did quite well as a town while the railroad ran by it. The town included a movie theater and a hotel. After the train no longer ran there, the people in town spread somewhat, moving to nearby Boaz, but most to more populated towns such as Nixa or Republic.

The population of Clever today is only about 2,100, but they have seven places of worship and three cemeteries. Christian County, indeed.

When was a young teenager he once wrote a whole book that was entitled “Clever.” He realizes now that it’s is a terrible name that would subject him to ingeniously spun phrases from critics, but he also has realizes he doesn’t really remember any of the plot. There is something sad in forgetting something that took so much his dedication in his youth. need not despair, though, because he’s writing about Clever and as their website says, Clever is “Where it just does get better every day.”

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