Where Somebodyisfromhere.com Compares the Entire City of Venice to a Guy Pearce Movie.

Somebodyisfromere.com recently saw the Guy Pearce movie Lockout. He’s also planning a trip to Venice and It got him to thinking that they are sorta kind of the same thing. Screw it, they are EXACTLY the same thing.

Lockout is pretty much what you’d expect. It’s another one of those Euro styled action movies. Quality wise It’s closer to the Transporter than it is to Taken. There is plenty of violence and a well cast actor making quips. They pulls this off for the most part. It is what it should have been. If not a just a notch below.

(Taken has sort of become The Godfather of dumb action movies. It was a blast to watch. It didn’t always make sense (Paris has to have the worst cops in the world!). It (probably) led to Liam Neeson’s role in Unknown and The Grey. All of which makes Neeson one of the most unlikely, and latest blooming, action stars that I can imagine. This isn’t Gangs of New York action or Kingdom of Heaven action.  No, this is gratuitous. And it is awesome. )

Except it happened in space. The story is essentially Guy Pearce as a US intelligence officer who is set up (or is he?) by somebody with whom he works. Elsewhere, the President’s hot daughter (who makes quips) is on a humanitarian mission at a new space prison.  Of course things go awry and of course only one man can save the day.

You know where that’s going.

But what does it have to do with Europe?

Venice makes sense in a way. It’s romantic, there is art, and there are restaurants. All of it is perfectly sensible. And then you remember they built it on top of water.

The movie and the city are kind of similar in that way. You have to make it relatable. Everybody knows what a prison is (or a museum, or food). But you need a hook – you have to keep it interesting – so you put in space (or on water).

That is why Somebodyisfromhere.com thinks Venice is EXACTLY the same thing as the Guy Pearce action movie Lockout.

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