Baker Street.

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Back then Baker Street was home of a great, albeit fictional, detective.

Today, Baker Street is home of a lot of bars… and, well, some other stuff.

This millennium, the Baker Street Tube station is one of London’s largest with five different lines.

At street level, the area might not seem unique at first with a smattering of American fast food options.

What makes Baker Street great is the access it provides. It’s just a couple of blocks from Regent’s Park, where studied abroad. The beautiful park is also the home of the London Zoo and Queen Mary’s Gardens full of roses.

On the far side of the park (from the tube) is Primrose Hill. London doesn’t have a very high skyline by US standards and the hill, second to maybe only the London Eye, provides one of the best views of the city.

Camden Town is on the other side of Primose Hill. Camden is known for its markets. A broke went there to put Christmas presents on his credit card only to leave having bought a sweater in cash for himself.

That’s not to say there’s nothing to do on Baker Street. Right outside the station is Madame Tussauds. The Metropolitan Bar is perched above the tube station. It’s a big restaurant that looks like it would fit in any city. It doesn’t have music letting company entertain themselves. preferred the Prince Regent just a couple blocks away from The Metropolitan on a corner of Marleybone High Street. It’s a quiet bar that fits comfortably within the pub description. It has two floors, the second offering a view down two of the streets and a billiards table.

This is not the kind of Baker Street you see in Sherlock Holmes.

Since Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow made it socially acceptable to be a lead actor who is a bit off-center other actors have followed. One such entertaining example is Chris Pine in Star Trek. Robert Downey Jr. also rode such a portrayal to box office success in Iron Man.

Downey Jr. goes weird again in Sherlock Holmes. He seems to have a fun time in the role as Holmes while it’s nice to see Jude Law cut loose as Dr. Watson. They are joined by Rachel McAdams who is much more bland than her roles in State of Play and Wedding Crashers.

The movie is directed by Guy Richie who many people haven’t seen since Snatch. More recently he directed Rocknrolla, a fairly entertaining British action movie starring Gerard Butler. Richie again plunges the fairly entertaining depths this time out. Sherlock feels like it should be fun, but there’s nothing remarkable here and, worse so, nothing all that memorable.

It’s the type of movie that’s probably worth spending a few dollars on just to watch a few actors go eccentric. Me? I’d rather be at the Prince Regent.

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    Thanks for sharing. What a pelsarue to read!

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    No more s***. All posts of this quialty from now on

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