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Mount St. Helens.

When learned about Mount St. Helens in grade school it seemed like a big deal. Intuitively, it had to be important because they decide to teach it to kids so early. But then you carry on living your life … Continue reading

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Night Time in New Jersey.

Sunset at Sunset Beach near Cape May New Jersey. Over night in the Pine Barrens, NJ.

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Liberal, Ks.

Unlike Weed being located in California, Liberal is probably not where you’d think. Liberal is located in Seward County in Southwest Kansas with a population just over 20,000. Kansas has a history of coming up with big ideas such as, … Continue reading

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The Downside to Travel Writing (Manzanita, Or.) is in law school. Naturally, he intends to be a law abiding citizen and follow all necessary model rules. Nevertheless, there’s one downside to having an online conversational travel magazine.

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Link: Here’s what happens to asylum-seekers who stay in airport limbo indefinitely

Pretty cool article that conjures up thoughts of The Terminal. It considers Edward Snowden hiding out at the Moscow airport and how it works. “Airport transit zones are weird places, as my colleague Max Fisher laid out in a post … Continue reading

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Weed, Ca.

If there were ever a town to be named after “weed” the logic would reasonably dictate that it would have to be in California. It turned out to be true as far as that goes. Continue reading

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Scottsdale, Az.

This town’s travel website is just a hot blond and a cowboy drinking booze.

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During incidents of terror, like the event that took place in Boston this week, stories are often written of the victims OR the steely resolve of the town. Here, they are one and the same. I don’t much about the … Continue reading

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Peculiar, Mo.

It’s odd. There are parts of this story that could swear that he’s already written. It’s fitting then that parts of this town’s origin might also have to do with this sense of Deja Vu. Maybe that’s just Peculiar.

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Facebook. has every expectation that Facebook employs the cream of the crop in terms of their computer specialists. Through these geniuses they’ve tuned highly specialized algorithms to look deep into’s soul. And they have learned the “perfect” hotel for … Continue reading

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