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Nitro, Wv.

Named by the Government, Nitro was created to win wars.

It all sounds like a terrible movie right? Or at least “American Gladiators” on (more) steroids. Continue reading

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Needmore, Pa, In, Ga, Tx, & Wv.

Well if there was ever an apt Wiki page for a town it would be found for Needmore. Needmore…as in needs more information. Needmore, a town in Pennsylvania, only has three sentences written about it on Wiki. There are three … Continue reading

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War, West Virginia

War. What is it good for? Well, it seems like it was good for mining once. Not much now. There are less than 1000 people there and the poverty rate is nearly half. According to Wiki, there is only one … Continue reading

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Changing your town name

Imagine if you are a tiny town named Cassville in West Virginia, nestled in the WV/KY/OH tri-state area, just minding your own business.

Chartered in 1875 you get sick of the local kids who would rub mud on the town’s sign obscuring the first letter leaving just “Assville.” Continue reading

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