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Trophy Club, Tx.

At first blush, Trophy Club would seem likely to have an interesting story behind its name. Well, it doesn’t. The community was developed in 1973 by developers Johnson and Loggins, who created the community as a housing development surrounding the … Continue reading

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Happy, Tx.

In most of the country it is cold. It has been cold. It will likely be cold for the rest of of your lives. It’s worth remembering hardships with mother nature aren’t new thing. Imagine being in Texas, for example, … Continue reading

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Everything you need to know about Texas.

Everything you need to know about Texas in this short easy to watch minute long clip from the movie Bernie. Bernie Movie – Map of Texas still can’t figure out how to embed clips. He’s had a blog for … Continue reading

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Needmore, Pa, In, Ga, Tx, & Wv.

Well if there was ever an apt Wiki page for a town it would be found for Needmore. Needmore…as in needs more information. Needmore, a town in Pennsylvania, only has three sentences written about it on Wiki. There are three … Continue reading

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Gun Barrel City, Tx.

According to Wiki, “Despite having a name that evokes images of the Texas Frontier, Gun Barrel City is only fifty years old.” Though supposes their reasons for doing so were somewhat Wild West-y. “It was incorporated in the late … Continue reading

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If at First You Don’t Secede…

So like most of you wombats recently heard about some folks from Texas thinking about Secession. Forgetting the logic of feeling underrepresented by a country despite being the home state of literally the last President and also forgetting that … Continue reading

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The Colony, Texas.

Colonies might be becoming things of the past, but The Colony has been doing alright for itself lately. New Jersey Nets point guard and Olympic gold medalist Deron Williams played for The Colony High School, as did Los Angeles Angels outfielder Torii Hunter. Dweebs … Continue reading

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Ben Franklin . . .Texas?

Recently, came across Ben Franklin, Texas so he decided to look it up. is from the Philadelphia area so he sees his share of Franklin around town. He seems to be a good guy to name a town after what with being a founding father and all that. Texas is a weird choice, though but why not, right? Continue reading

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