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How Ruined Atlantic City. ruined Atlantic City. In the whimsical years pre-recession he used to go to Atlantic City maybe once a week. Especially in summer. He would gamble every time. Win or lose he’d spend money on booze. When he’d win he’d … Continue reading

Posted in New Jersey, Uncategorized | Leave a comment’s Sequel to His Story about the first Sherlock Holmes.

When the first Sherlock Holmes movie came out wrote a thorough, well thought out article that was half movie review and half travel piece. For the second movie, will quickly churn something out, stick to formula, and probably meander from point to point with out much use of segues.

Sequels are always disappointing. Continue reading

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Zombies. went to a Zombie walk in Asbury Park to learn that the town itself is undead (compliment). met up with a friend and their friends. He had a lot of time to check his phone. Unfortunately that led … Continue reading

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The Ballad of Mr.

August 2009.’s father may have been a white collar professional whose favorite music came from far off lands like Venice, but looking back on it, there was a tidy localness about him. He was born in Camden, NJ where he remained … Continue reading

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Cape May.

Archive. October 2008. Victorian Weekend converged with a Lima Bean Festival in Cape May, New Jersey this past weekend. Oh, and’s brother got married. <<< Cape May is not the type of town you want to go on a … Continue reading

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