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Needmore, Pa, In, Ga, Tx, & Wv.

Well if there was ever an apt Wiki page for a town it would be found for Needmore. Needmore…as in needs more information. Needmore, a town in Pennsylvania, only has three sentences written about it on Wiki. There are three … Continue reading

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Santa Claus, In.

Joe Flacco comes from a little slice of heaven (five minutes from’s house growing up) and – more likely than not – Colin Kaepernick comes from Jim Harbaugh’s imagination. All of that would be worth delving into if … Continue reading

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The article in which talks about a town in Ohio and then rambles on about Ghosts and synagogues in Pennsylvania for awhile.

Defiance got its name from General Anthony Wayne during the French and Indian War.

“General Wayne surveyed the land and declared to General Scott, “I defy the French, Indians, and all the devils of hell to take it.” Continue reading

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You might not be surprised that there is town named Climax. People name places some strange things. You might be surprised there are several of them. Continue reading

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