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Watching Football in North Carolina.

Military serviceman have a reputation for being a brotherhood. They are the people, it is often said, that go to battle next to each other. For each other. They were far from brothers on Sunday in Fayetteville. In fact they … Continue reading

Posted in North Carolina, Patriotism, Philadelphia, Sports, Uncategorized | Leave a comment Pities You. pities you. He Grew up on the St. Patrick’s Day snack called Irish Potatoes. He assumed you did too. But, alas, it wasn’t until recently that he learned it was just a Philadelphia snack and you that you poor … Continue reading

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The article in which talks about a town in Ohio and then rambles on about Ghosts and synagogues in Pennsylvania for awhile.

Defiance got its name from General Anthony Wayne during the French and Indian War.

“General Wayne surveyed the land and declared to General Scott, “I defy the French, Indians, and all the devils of hell to take it.” Continue reading

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Pat Burrell

Pat Burrell retired this week. wrote a nuanced piece about him right after the Phillies won the World Series explaining Philly sports through the prism of Burrell. Since his departure, not everything said about Pat the Bat has been … Continue reading

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The Great Drive by Punching

Well, because nothing says “Buddy, you will be missed” quite like getting drunk enough for it to even be possible to get punched by the inhabitants of people in a moving car. Continue reading

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The Ballad of Mr.

August 2009.’s father may have been a white collar¬†professional whose favorite music came from far off lands like Venice, but¬†looking back on it, there was a tidy localness about him. He was born in Camden, NJ where he remained … Continue reading

Posted in Canada, family, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Washington | 1 Comment (and the Phillies) Makes History.

If the Phillies do something really important and isn’t present, did it really happen? This question doesn’t have to be answered, because apparently history doesn’t happen unless is there. Continue reading

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Philadelphia Sports before winning the World Series in 2008.

Unlike New York and Boston, you don’t celebrate championships in Philadelphia. You celebrate moments. Since 2000 there have only been a few of them. In 2001, Allen Iverson had one of these moments. In the finals, the Sixers were to play the highly favored Lakers who had come into the series as if they were going to play St. Mary’s JV girls. The Sixers out hustled the Lakers eventually winning the first game 107-101 not before Iverson
sank a jump shot over Tyronn Lue and tauntingly stepping over Lue after Lue fell to the wood. This is the kind of moment the blue collar city adores. Everybody has seen David beat Goliath by now, but few have seen it done with so much flair. This being a Philly story, the Sixers went on to not only lose the series, but do so without recording another win. Continue reading

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World Series Parade.

Two days later, though, the game resumed and the final few innings were played. It was a quick conclusion to a short series putting an end to a 25 year long championship draught for the city’s four major sports teams Just two days after that, on Halloween, the city known for negativity dressed up like winners. Continue reading

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How Pat Burrell Explains Philadelphia.

In the end, maybe Pat the Bat and Philly get along so well because they could relate. Having not won a championship since 1983, Philadelphians understood how hard it was to actually win. It was fitting then that Burrell, with his extended slumps, was never one to make the game look easy. Continue reading

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