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Icelandic Wolf of Wall Street Page.

Usually when an American flag appears on the top right of an international site, it’s about what language you wish to use while browsing. Not so with this news site. Some evil looking American flags here. The film in the … Continue reading

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Government Shutdown.

The government shutdown has different ramifications for different People.’s inconvenience occurred in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, when the government normally shuts down (snow and the like), usually goes to the bar in sweatpants. The government is currently shut … Continue reading

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If at First You Don’t Secede…

So like most of you wombats recently heard about some folks from Texas thinking about Secession. Forgetting the logic of feeling underrepresented by a country despite being the home state of literally the last President and also forgetting that … Continue reading

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Watching Football in North Carolina.

Military serviceman have a reputation for being a brotherhood. They are the people, it is often said, that go to battle next to each other. For each other. They were far from brothers on Sunday in Fayetteville. In fact they … Continue reading

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A couple weeks ago there was a lot of talk about how campaign ads had grown historically negative. didn’t buy it. One campaign trashing the other candidate’s past is not dirty. It’s politics. Sure, releasing an ad set to … Continue reading

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The Special Relationship.

*Education note: once had a teacher tell him the following: England is England. Add Wales and Scotland and you have Britain. Add Northern Ireland and you have The United Kingdom. Add Southern Ireland and you have a war. Continue reading

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