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George Clooney Goes To Hawaii.

( allows himself a 30 min break from studying. Let’s see what he can write.) Hawaii has been in movies before just not like this. Historically, it has just been an excuse to put the likes of Kristin Bell in … Continue reading

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Midnight in Paris. has always thought Paris was a bit like the band Wilco. Sure, he always heard good things, but he never really bought in. Continue reading

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Baker Street.

Archive: 2009. Back then Baker Street was home of a great, albeit fictional, detective. Today, Baker Street is home of a lot of bars… and, well, some other stuff. This millennium, the Baker Street Tube station is one of London’s largest … Continue reading

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In Bruges.

ARCHIVE 2008. Colin Farrell plays an Irish hitman hiding out in Belgium in his new movie, In Bruges. Farrell, an Irishman, gives his best performance to date mostly because he drops the cocky swagger he uses while playing Americans. Farrell’s character and the character … Continue reading

Posted in Intl, Movie | 1 Comment ain’t afraid of no ghosts (but the weather made him want to barf a little). Plus, Scream 4.

It probably says something about’s life that being locked in a deserted prison at midnight with no lights wasn’t the most stressful part of his week. Continue reading

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