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Where Compares the Entire City of Venice to a Guy Pearce Movie. recently saw the Guy Pearce movie Lockout. He’s also planning a trip to Venice and It got him to thinking that they are sorta kind of the same thing. Screw it, they are EXACTLY the same thing. Continue reading

Posted in Intl, Long Titles, Movie | Leave a comment Contimplates the London Skyline, Roger Ebert, and the Greatest Movie Ever Made. will take the juicy opportunity to criticize the critic. While surfing his Twitter feed the other day he came across this post: Thumbs down on that, right? (sorry.) Sample writing from the linked article includes this chunk in the … Continue reading

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The article in which talks about a town in Ohio and then rambles on about Ghosts and synagogues in Pennsylvania for awhile.

Defiance got its name from General Anthony Wayne during the French and Indian War.

“General Wayne surveyed the land and declared to General Scott, “I defy the French, Indians, and all the devils of hell to take it.” Continue reading

Posted in Georgia, Ghosts, Long Titles, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Wiki Travel | 4 Comments’s Sequel to His Story about the first Sherlock Holmes.

When the first Sherlock Holmes movie came out wrote a thorough, well thought out article that was half movie review and half travel piece. For the second movie, will quickly churn something out, stick to formula, and probably meander from point to point with out much use of segues.

Sequels are always disappointing. Continue reading

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How probably loving America too much got deserted in Camden and compared to a child predator.

Prologue.’s Tuesdays are a lot  like your Tuesdays.  Only more boring. At least during the summer. Work, gym, couch. Somewhere around the time the national news ends and the game begins, he makes dinner. Nothing to it really. Chapter … Continue reading

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Jelly Beans Will Get You Fat (Just not as fat as you would think).

Just 45 minutes outside Milwaukee, and a friend went all Laverne & Shirley at the Jelly Belly Warehouse in Wisconsin. Continue reading

Posted in Long Titles, Wisconsin | 1 Comment ain’t afraid of no ghosts (but the weather made him want to barf a little). Plus, Scream 4.

It probably says something about’s life that being locked in a deserted prison at midnight with no lights wasn’t the most stressful part of his week. Continue reading

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