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Link: Here’s what happens to asylum-seekers who stay in airport limbo indefinitely

Pretty cool article that conjures up thoughts of The Terminal. It considers Edward Snowden hiding out at the Moscow airport and how it works. “Airport transit zones are weird places, as my colleague Max Fisher laid out in a post … Continue reading

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Linguistic Map

Some of the questions asked in this survey feel cliche, but the graph is so vivid that it is still fun to scroll around. The results of the first question, “The pronunciation of “caramel” starts disregarding vowels once you go … Continue reading

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Check out this vid from a friend of This is totally embeddable, but despite many upgrades is simply still incapable of embedding. Nevertheless, if this doesn’t get you pumped to travel nothing will. Yes i just used the … Continue reading

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America The Beautiful.

The Louvre never has much American art. At first it seems snarky, but their excuse is pretty solid. See, The Louvre doesn’t exhibit art past 1848 and America isn’t all that old. Continue reading

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