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Government Shutdown.

The government shutdown has different ramifications for different People.’s inconvenience occurred in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, when the government normally shuts down (snow and the like), usually goes to the bar in sweatpants. The government is currently shut … Continue reading

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Mysterious London Caught on Camera.

A movie playing everywhere is about cameras being everywhere. Or at least, that is what the trailer would have you believe. The movie starts off that way too. You watch a bombing play out in a market by watching a … Continue reading

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Link: Here’s what happens to asylum-seekers who stay in airport limbo indefinitely

Pretty cool article that conjures up thoughts of The Terminal. It considers Edward Snowden hiding out at the Moscow airport and how it works. “Airport transit zones are weird places, as my colleague Max Fisher laid out in a post … Continue reading

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If at First You Don’t Secede…

So like most of you wombats recently heard about some folks from Texas thinking about Secession. Forgetting the logic of feeling underrepresented by a country despite being the home state of literally the last President and also forgetting that … Continue reading

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The Special Relationship.

*Education note: once had a teacher tell him the following: England is England. Add Wales and Scotland and you have Britain. Add Northern Ireland and you have The United Kingdom. Add Southern Ireland and you have a war. Continue reading

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Harlan County.

So goes to law school and anybody that goes to that kind of institution has to learn about the Constitution. When studying that subject the names Harlan becomes pretty significant. Two Harlans served in the Supreme Court (1877-1911, 1955 -1971). … Continue reading

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