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Icelandic Wolf of Wall Street Page.

Usually when an American flag appears on the top right of an international site, it’s about what language you wish to use while browsing. Not so with this news site. Some evil looking American flags here. The film in the … Continue reading

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Mysterious London Caught on Camera.

A movie playing everywhere is about cameras being everywhere. Or at least, that is what the trailer would have you believe. The movie starts off that way too. You watch a bombing play out in a market by watching a … Continue reading

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Getting Marooned in Venice. woke up too late as he was prone to do. He’s always been a fantastic sleeper and the prospect of spending his last night in Europe entirely sober wasn’t all that alluring. Meanwhile, leaving half finished bottles of wine in a vacated hotel room wasn’t an option. He enjoyed wearing a Panama hat so he stayed up a bit more. Continue reading

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Some Pics From Our Friend in India.

  And now for something completely different….’s friend in India sends us some of his most unique pictures yet.                          

Posted in Indee'sCorner, Intl | Leave a comment Sees Florence and Cosmopolis and Reviews them both. was in Florence for only 20 minutes and was already lost trying to figure out how to get back near the train station to start over again. He found an area in a park that looked like it would … Continue reading

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Lausanne: The Olympic Capital

Somewhere along your journey the thought might cross your mind that it would be quicker to get to a remote jungle in half of the world than it is to get to Lausanne. The sensation is stronger if you don’t know French (or are forced to sit through Contraband). Continue reading

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What’s on TV…over there?

So Americano, you know what travel ads come up on your TVs. It’s usually something tropical. Maybe a big city. Very rarely there is an ad that overlooks a mountain and some movie star/athlete/retired-politician-who-we-sorta-like-because-we-hate-our-current-politician reps his or her home state. … Continue reading

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Art in Geneva is Kinda Heavy.

Geneva is sort of a world capital. There’s a United Nations building. The World Health Organization has the hub there. The World Trade Organization has an office as well as countless other similar global entities (which is’s way of … Continue reading

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Traveling Alone: Theory vs. Reality.

In Theory: doesn’t mind traveling around alone. When meeting up with a group of strangers at a conference or for a class, he has always found that people come around to him so why worry about it?  Plus he’s … Continue reading

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Staying at a Hostel for two weeks and living to tell about it.

There are obviously some bad things about hostels that don’t need to be delved into. doesn’t mean bad hostels. He just mean the act of sharing a room with four people. It ain’t easy. Sometimes you just wish you weren’t wearing … Continue reading

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