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George Clooney Goes To Hawaii.

( allows himself a 30 min break from studying. Let’s see what he can write.) Hawaii has been in movies before just not like this. Historically, it has just been an excuse to put the likes of Kristin Bell in … Continue reading

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People Who Don’t Like Fireworks are Zealous.

People often say they don’t like fireworks. They don’t say that they simply do not want to be inconvenienced by them. They don’t say, “I don’t want to drive to them.” No, they say they do not like them and they do so with unadulterated fervor.

That’s a bit passionate now isn’t it? It’s like saying you don’t like looking up. So sorry the splendid flashes of light across the nightscape once a year is so hideous to your precious eyes. Continue reading

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The Ballad of Mr.

August 2009.’s father may have been a white collar professional whose favorite music came from far off lands like Venice, but looking back on it, there was a tidy localness about him. He was born in Camden, NJ where he remained … Continue reading

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Cape May.

Archive. October 2008. Victorian Weekend converged with a Lima Bean Festival in Cape May, New Jersey this past weekend. Oh, and’s brother got married. <<< Cape May is not the type of town you want to go on a … Continue reading

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Lake Tahoe / Reno.

While was in college, he read and saw the movie based on Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. There were few actions in that story that a contributing member of society could mimic, but he always did want to go to Las Vegas and rent a red convertible.

A handful of years later, he found himself leaving the Advantage Rental Car in Reno, Nevada driving a Chrysler PT Cruiser. If not for his brother’s wedding in Tahoe in a few days, he might have felt gypped. Continue reading

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How probably loving America too much got deserted in Camden and compared to a child predator.

Prologue.’s Tuesdays are a lot  like your Tuesdays.  Only more boring. At least during the summer. Work, gym, couch. Somewhere around the time the national news ends and the game begins, he makes dinner. Nothing to it really. Chapter … Continue reading

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