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Geneva, NY.

It would seem fairly obvious where Geneva got its name from. It’s located in a state, New York, that was named after a foreign city after all. As foreign cities go to be named after, Geneva isn’t too bad. It’s … Continue reading

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Half Day, Il.

Half Day sounds like what a town would be called if the movie Office Space was re-imagined as a cartoon for third graders. Alas, we don’t even have to be that creative because the name already exists. Half Day is … Continue reading

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Show Low, Az.

This town ain’t big enough for the two of us. How about that for a town origin? That’s what you get in Arizona. “According to the legend, the city was named after a marathon poker game between C.E. Cooley and … Continue reading

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Icelandic Wolf of Wall Street Page.

Usually when an American flag appears on the top right of an international site, it’s about what language you wish to use while browsing. Not so with this news site. Some evil looking American flags here. The film in the … Continue reading

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Monuments Men, George Clooney, and Europe.

In The Monuments Men, George Clooney just saved Europe, but if you were to look around Switzerland, it would seem like he already had. The film, based on a true story and book by Robert Edsel, follows a group of … Continue reading

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Mount Diablo, Ca. was surprised to learn a place existed called Mount Diablo because, well, because: Arthur Mijares from the neighboring town of Oakley, petitioned the federal government to change the name of the mountain, claiming it offended his Christian beliefs. Not … Continue reading

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Trophy Club, Tx.

At first blush, Trophy Club would seem likely to have an interesting story behind its name. Well, it doesn’t. The community was developed in 1973 by developers Johnson and Loggins, who created the community as a housing development surrounding the … Continue reading

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Happy, Tx.

In most of the country it is cold. It has been cold. It will likely be cold for the rest of of your lives. It’s worth remembering hardships with mother nature aren’t new thing. Imagine being in Texas, for example, … Continue reading

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Oskaloosa, Ia.

It is certain the town of Oskaloosa when translated breaks down into something as deep and as mysterious as a True Detective trailer. It’s just a matter of interpretation what it exactly means. Wiki declares, “It means “last of the … Continue reading

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Soldier, Ks.

A town existing with the name Soldier is not altogether surprising. After all, there are a lot of forts and bases around or, alternatively, it never hurts to show a little patriotism and honor the real heroes.  Or so logic … Continue reading

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