Smackover, AR.

It’s long overdue for to create an Arkansas search tag.


And to do it found the town that may lead the land in percentage of (former) population that’s in the college football hall of fame. The Wiki page seems to be guessing there.  And never heard of the players anyway.

Nevertheless, Smackover has a population of over 1,900 and two hall of famers.  What is more interesting, though, is the name. What the hell is with the name?

The name Smackover comes from an anglicization of the French ‘Sumac Couvert’ which translates to ‘covered in sumac’.


The little oil town of Smackover is steeped in pure Americana, as evidenced by the street-mounted antique stop light in the center of town as well as the old western-style store fronts that line Main Street. knows what you are thinking: what if you drove through this small town and you immediately wanted to reminisce about it but in like a detached historic kind of way?

Well, you’re in luck.

It is home to the Arkansas Museum of Natural Resources. The Museum depicts the history and culture of Smackover and the surrounding area with an indoor reconstruction of downtown Smackover…

Smackover is also where rockabilly musician Sleepy LaBeef was born. LaBeef was one of 10 children which makes the town’s overall population numbers somewhat surprising.

He received the nickname “Sleepy” as the result of a lazy eye.

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