Happy, Tx.

In most of the country it is cold. It has been cold. It will likely be cold for the rest of of your lives.

It’s worth remembering hardships with mother nature aren’t new thing. Imagine being in Texas, for example, and being so elated to find water that you named the town after the emotion you saw when you next saw it.

Happy, on U.S. Highway 87 in northern Swisher County, derived its name from nearby Happy Draw, so named because cowboys were elated to find water there.

Happy, Texas might sound familiar to you. Perhaps, you remember, “A 1999 movie named Happy, Texas starring Jeremy Northam, Steve Zahn, Ally Walker, Ileana Douglas and William H. Macy was named for but not shot in the town.”

If that cast were to have moved to Happy the town would have considered it a boom in population as there are only about 600 residents. However, they seem to be a professional lot because there are also 47 businesses.

And as Somebodyisfromhere.com has learned with his WikiTravel series, towns can not be too cheesy in incorporating their town name into their motto.

Happy uses the slogan “the town without a frown.”

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