Soldier, Ks.

A town existing with the name Soldier is not altogether surprising. After all, there are a lot of forts and bases around or, alternatively, it never hurts to show a little patriotism and honor the real heroes.  Or so logic would have you believe.

Turns out Soldier Kansas was named for different reasons. “Soldier Creek was first named in the early 1850s when government surveyors were moving through the territory plotting out the 39th parallel,” because that was something that was once important Somebodyisfromhere figures, “and they found two army soldiers camped along the local creek.

With a population of just about 140, Solider is not that imposing:

Beside its post office, only one business is located in the city: the Soldier Grill, a restaurant.

There are however two churches. Maybe they are needed because Soldier’s Wiki page is oddly focused on death.

Soldier’s first recorded death occurred with the passing of Mrs. Tamsa M. Cline in May 1857…

Soldier was affected by the June 2008 tornado outbreak sequence: a man was found dead outside the city on the morning of June 11, 2008, killed by a tornado estimated at ½ mile (0.8 km) wide.

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