Mysterious London Caught on Camera.

A movie playing everywhere is about cameras being everywhere. Or at least, that is what the trailer would have you believe.

The movie starts off that way too. You watch a bombing play out in a market by watching a handful of the market’s security cameras. That’s about where the obsession of being electronically surveilled ends really.

From there on out, Closed Circuit is a legal thriller. Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall navigate the British legal system, while occasionally wearing wigs, to learn more about the surviving plotter of the attack.

London is famous for the amount of cameras it has. A movie could be made about that but Closed Circuit is not an English Enemy of the State in that respect. Most of the cameras and bugs depicted in the film are known to the characters. There are no Brian De Palma like slow motion replays of footage of the incident. No police officers say “enhance” as they try to parse out important details.

Instead, the movie is about mysterious old white men who have mysterious government jobs. In that sense, the part of the trailer “From the producer of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” is apt. Jim Broadbent is excellent.

Not all the roles went to white blokes, though. Riz Ahmed, an Oxford educated hip hop artist and actor, appeared to have fun playing a role of a sort of next generation mysterious government agent.

After seeing The Town and The Prestige, is fairly sure Rebecca Hall has it in her contract that her characters must appear apprehensive at all times. She doesn’t disappoint as a lawyer who knows she isn’t getting the full story. Eric Bana, another lawyer, works parallel with her though due to procedure isn’t allowed to communicate with her.

Closed Circuit is not a flawless movie. There is, perhaps, too much law and particular plot points might defy logic. How many lawyers can be replaced in one of the country’s biggest ever court cases without raising some eyebrows?

The London here is overcast one. The best views provided as Bana contemplates life going up and down the Thames.

The world itself in Closed Circuit is also grey. In a world of actionable intelligence and James Snowden that comes off as quite timely.


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