Boring, Or.

A town can be both Boring and “An exciting place to live.” So it goes in Oregon with town and motto.

The town was actually named after William H. Boring a Union veteran in the Civil War who settled there. Apparently, Oregon has been where East Coast folks go to hide for longer than thought.

The name “Boring” is embraced by locals, however, and found in many local businesses, resulting in many road signs that seem humorous to outsiders. Boosters of the village designation use the slogan “The most exciting place to live.” Boring served as inspiration for the Disney animated TV series Gravity Falls.

That didn’t seem like a very linear last sentence. has no idea what Gravity Falls is so he’s just going to pretend that never happened.

Not only are the boring people pretty psyched about their name but they have welcomed that attitude in others.

(T)he Boring Community Planning Organization voted to “pair” with Dull, Perth and Kinross, Scotland, for the purpose of promoting tourism in both towns. Dull is a tiny village of only 84 residents, while Boring has about 8,000.

A website celebrating Boring even sells shirts celebrating the union calling it “Boring and Dull apparel.” They also describe their motives.

(T)wo communities pair up to bring some light-hearted fun, humor and spirit to a world often divided rather than united in commonality.

Interestingly, the website shares links to “Community Groups.” For once, somebody has the guts to say what we’ve all been thinking: The Boring Book Club.

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