Dublin, Ireland.

Archive: July 8, 2009.

At first, when Somebodyisfromhere.com read the words under ”SALE, SALE” sign, he thought nothing of it. Being American, he was trained to read the word ”American” and think nothing of it. Of course it would be American, why wouldn’t it? That was before he
remembered he wasn’t, in fact,  in the United States.

This storefront is in Dublin, on Talbot Street. True to the thought that one can find anything on the internet, there is curiously a live cam of this store.

A store named “Not to Worry” is oddly disconcerting in itself and that’s before learning that they ”…have the largest stock of 100% human hair.” This is even uncomfortable on a couple levels.

Somebodyisfromhere.com supposes that wigs can be made synthetically, but to chose to call it “human hair” instead of something as simple as ”real” suggests that if you were to go to a competitor’s store, you might very well walk out with what?  A horse’s mane for your head, perhaps?  Some fur maybe?

The most dastardly consideration, of course, is why American hair? Are non-Americans talking about us behind our backs? And what the hell are they doing with our hair?

So, dear storefront, Somebodyisfromhere.com is worried. He’s worried of the prospects of terror. Somebodyisfromhere.com saw what Europeans do to Americans in Hostel and he saw the future of body part harvesting in The Island. Is this some kind of combination of the two?

Then Somebodyisfromhere.com remembered. He is American. And, yeah, he has phenomenal hair.

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