Knob Noster, Mo.

The words “Knob Noster” sound like they should be the punchline to some school yard joke. still isn’t sure it isn’t, but he investigates…

The knobs of the town’s namesake are not only a geographical landmark for the town, but are also claimed to be the site of a battle of Native American tribes. Sometimes there are stories that gold or treasure is buried in the knobs.

It then goes on to explain, “This can be neither confirmed nor denied.” likes a good qualification. Here, however, it seems unnecessary largely because has no idea what they hell they are talking about. A knob? defines a knob as, “A rounded lump or ball, esp. at the end or on the surface of something.”, of course, has a different definition. A few of them actually.

The town’s own website does a little better job of explaining.

According to historical information, the name Knob Noster is taken from the hills.  Knob, meaning the hills, and “noster”, being the Latin derivation meaning “our”, were formed together to create “Our Knob”, or Knob Noster.

Yep, the school kids would still probably like that.

There were reasons for pride, though. “In the 1870s Knob Noster was described as ‘the boomingest settlement in the county’, in large part because of the vast coal deposits in the area.”

Today, with a population just under 3,000,  they remain optimistic.

The city of Knob Noster has established and maintained public improvements that support a full service community.  Although the city remains relatively small, its location allows for a strong industrial and commercial business base, local sales tax revenue, and the development of a higher quality of life.

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