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Getting Marooned in Venice. woke up too late as he was prone to do. He’s always been a fantastic sleeper and the prospect of spending his last night in Europe entirely sober wasn’t all that alluring. Meanwhile, leaving half finished bottles of wine in a vacated hotel room wasn’t an option. He enjoyed wearing a Panama hat so he stayed up a bit more. Continue reading

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Clever, Mo.

The population of Clever today is only about 2,100, but they have seven places of worship and three cemeteries. Christian County, indeed. Continue reading

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Normal, Il.

At first glance, it seems like a “Normal.” With roads and trains out the wazoo, Normal is accessible to everybody right in the middle of the state. Meanwhile, its roughly 50,000 residents are sustained by ridiculously American industries like a Universities and car manufacturing.

As if serving as a symbol of the whole Midwest, the first Stake ‘n Shake was founded in normal in 1934. Continue reading

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Embarrass Township, Mn. wonders whether it would be mortifying if he lived in the town of Embarrass. By the looks of it, though, it seems like they might have other things on their minds. Continue reading

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Knob Noster, Mo. defines a knob as, “A rounded lump or ball, esp. at the end or on the surface of something.”, of course, has a different definition. A few of them actually. Continue reading

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