Watching Football in North Carolina.

Military serviceman have a reputation for being a brotherhood. They are the people, it is often said, that go to battle next to each other. For each other.

They were far from brothers on Sunday in Fayetteville.

In fact they were enemies. Sort of . They were Eagles fans, Steelers faithfuls, Ravens nutballs, Cheeseheads, and people who cheered for those other lesser teams. watched the entire Eagles game at a Hooters in North Carolina starting at about 1pm on Sunday.

Fayetteville is about 3 hours from Charlotte where the NFL team nicknamed the Panthers play. The Panthers have only been around since 1995 so, while they sure do have fans that far away, it isn’t necessarily a given.

On the other hand, Fort Bragg is sidled up next to Fayetteville. In fact, there were so many serviceman in town that when told the waitress he liked a team from as far away as Philly she told him she just usually assumes people are in the services coming from everywhere.

There’s something cool about watching the games so far away from a city like DC or NY where people of such a diversity of background is assumed. It’s an added element to do so¬†with those guys in particular.

It punctuates the overly dramatic language in football that often refers to the game as a “battle” and the offensive/defensive line play as occurring in the “trenches.”

In fairness, all of that could very well be an overreaction.

Maybe it’s just cool to watch a game at Hooters with waitresses who say “Y’all.”

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