Vice President Similarities…Fraud!

Paul Ryan and Joe Biden have more in common than people think. It goes beyond both serving as the Vice President possibilities in November.

For starters, they are both Catholic. While that’s not absolutely obscure, it’s still more likely for Supreme Court Justice than a guy running on the national ticket.

Both guys started their careers in their big offices at ridiculously young ages. Ryan was elected to Congress in 1998 as a 28 year old. Biden was elected to the Senate in 1973 at 30.

Youngness doesn’t begin to describe these feats. Being elected at that young is one thing, but it’s another thing altogether to want it that early and have the self-confidence to even run. Imagine telling your friends at age 29 that you think you are going to run for Congress. Biden’s 30 was the minimum age a candidate could be to hold that seat.

Both potential Veep victors are also shaped by tragedy. Biden’s wife and daughter were killed in a car accident around the time he was first elected. On the other hand, Ryan is said to have been shaped by finding is father dead of a heart attack while Ryan was in his teens.

Both have also been accused of something downright fraudulent when they first embarked on their run for the Executive.

Biden had a decent shot at winning the Democratic nomination in 1988. That was until he he had his campaign derailed by rightful claims of plagiarism.

Meanwhile, since Ryan has entered the fray he has been accused of lying so many times it has become hard to enumerate. His creativity has ranged from the mundane – but weird – lie about his marathon time to the political – but serious – lie about welfare.

It has not helped his cause that his last name rhymes with “lyin‘.”

Why did they both do turn to fraud so early in their nationwide exposure? Maybe they think thought they are bulletproof. It would be reasonable to think their early success could give them this mentality.

Maybe they’re like the professional athletes who were the best players on their high school and college teams and people always treated them that way and once they go pro they don’t know how to act. They weren’t used to being called on things.

Maybe they didn’t even think they were doing it. Well, no, that’s probably not the case.

Maybe they thought they can just get away with it. Shout witch hunt if somebody attacks you.

The one thing that can be learned from the Biden fiasco, is that time can heal that particular wound.

Ryan might not want to wait.

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