Monthly Archives: August 2012 doesn’t think what Mitt Romney said was racist, but he still thinks it was dumb. doesn’t think what Mitt Romney said was racist, but he still thinks it was dumb. For context, the quote: Mitt Romney outraged the Obama’s campaign on Friday by telling a Michigan crowd that “no one’s ever asked to see … Continue reading

Posted in politics, Uncategorized | 2 Comments Sees Florence and Cosmopolis and Reviews them both. was in Florence for only 20 minutes and was already lost trying to figure out how to get back near the train station to start over again. He found an area in a park that looked like it would … Continue reading

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The Actual Problem with Mitt’s 13 Percent. once expressed an uneasiness about Mitt Romney’s failure to adequately explain his taxes. He thought it was a bit uncomfortable in the wake of former potential VP John Edwards‘ trial. Today Romney said, “I never paid less than 13 … Continue reading

Posted in politics, Uncategorized | 1 Comment Considers Political Ads

A couple weeks ago there was a lot of talk about how campaign ads had grown historically negative. didn’t buy it. One campaign trashing the other candidate’s past is not dirty. It’s politics. Sure, releasing an ad set to … Continue reading

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Lausanne: The Olympic Capital

Somewhere along your journey the thought might cross your mind that it would be quicker to get to a remote jungle in half of the world than it is to get to Lausanne. The sensation is stronger if you don’t know French (or are forced to sit through Contraband). Continue reading

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Comparing the Voter ID and Healthcare

Recently, the Justice Department has said they will look into the legitimacy of voter ID laws. First of all, uhh, thanks for getting around to it guys. It’s not like the election is coming soon and you hadn’t heard about it. … Continue reading

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