Should the John Edwards trial mean Mitt Romney should show his financial records? might be naive, but he tries to cast aside the “all politicians are evil” rhetoric and see things for what they are. He thinks John McCain was right when he called Candidate Obama “a decent family man.” He thinks George Bush, at least consciously, thought he was doing the right thing for the United States and Earth when he took us to Iraq, etc.

This is his roundabout way of saying he doesn’t distrust politicians just for being politicians. That’s not to say they don’t have a lot of factors to consider when making decisions which could potentially cloud their judgments. They also have to be incredibly ambitious and somewhat self centered just to be where they are.

He just don’t think they are evil. After all, they got in the biz to bring about change. It’s also hard to have skeletons in your closet with that much scrutiny. Or at least that was the common logic.

Then there was John Edwards. His trial got headlines, but never got the sense that people cared all that much. He thinks it’s because people got used to the fact that he was a smarmy dude and anything in the trial was just going add to that belief not alter it.

But think about it. If the ball bounced a couple different he could have been President. Ditto for Vice President. He really wasn’t that far off.

The trial itself sometimes felt like was more about him being a bad dude than a bad leader. As President (or Vice) Maybe he could have made policy decisions while having affairs and implementing vast cover ups. He wouldn’t have been the first.

It also shows how little we knew at the time.

Say what you will about what happened at Bain, but if nothing else, it makes think Mitt Romney knows how to handle his own money. The part of that doesn’t think politicians are evil, thinks that’s all this Swiss and other bank stuff is. He’s got bright accountants and they find favorable tax locales. That’s the game.

Forgive for a moment the seemingly obvious concept that a man running for President for a decade might not want to keep his money in a Swiss bank for political purposes, is sure plenty of smart people’s accountants do similar things.

Then you see how John Edwards has fallen and how much you didn’t know about him when he was running and it makes you want to know just a little bit more.



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