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What’s on TV…over there?

So Americano, you know what travel ads come up on your TVs. It’s usually something tropical. Maybe a big city. Very rarely there is an ad that overlooks a mountain and some movie star/athlete/retired-politician-who-we-sorta-like-because-we-hate-our-current-politician reps his or her home state. … Continue reading

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A Look at the New Career of Matthew McConaughey.

It’s become easy to write off the career of Matthew McConaughey because of some of the light nonsense he’s been in over the last few years. All of which makes it hard to remember he was considered a good actor … Continue reading

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Should the John Edwards trial mean Mitt Romney should show his financial records? might be naive, but he tries to cast aside the “all politicians are evil” rhetoric and see things for what they are. He thinks John McCain was right when he called Candidate Obama “a decent family man.” He thinks … Continue reading

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Art in Geneva is Kinda Heavy.

Geneva is sort of a world capital. There’s a United Nations building. The World Health Organization has the hub there. The World Trade Organization has an office as well as countless other similar global entities (which is’s way of … Continue reading

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Traveling Alone: Theory vs. Reality.

In Theory: doesn’t mind traveling around alone. When meeting up with a group of strangers at a conference or for a class, he has always found that people come around to him so why worry about it?  Plus he’s … Continue reading

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