Thoughts on Anti-USAisms.

For the last few years I have felt a disconnect about some of the political rhetoric and the realities abroad.

Take  this picture.

It was taken in Lausanne, Switzerland. Switzerland and the US have fine relations at best and, at worst, Switzerland is neutral. It is the site of a UN office.

Still, even in our allied countries things like this exist. That’s not to say this one act represents the whole country’s view on us. It’s just an idea that is nonetheless out there. thinks of it like this: there’s an albeit small segment that spray paint the walls with their hatred, there’s a segment that believes it but doesn’t write it, there’s an indifferent portion in the middle, and then finally there are those who like us.

Meanwhile, there is a hardline American segment that says things like America should never apologize. It’s’s thesis that these people lack a fundamental grasp on how the world goes ‘round.

You’re never going to win over the spray painters. You probably won’t win over the almost spray painters. However, you should do your darndest to win over the rest.

Those people might not elect our politicians, but they elect people that our politicians deal with. Their friends fight with Americans in conflicts abroad with NATO. They are also likely the friends of the spray painters. They are our voice.

To reach these people you have to be political. You have to kiss some butt and sometimes you have to be humble. You have to be human

update (July):

This is what means. Essentially, Romney implies that in order for a peaceful world, we must be strong and always get our way. This is because, presumably,  we are the only country with a destiny.

This is not a policy that would work inside a marriage, at an office, or when dealing with children. Yet, it’s apparently a potential foreign policy of the United States of America.

It ignores that all relationships require compromises.

Of course, doesn’t believe Romney believes his own words. Romney would no doubt recognize that a Commander-and-Chief will have to weigh any number of factors. Sometimes you hold them and sometimes you fold them and all that.

The damage here is not that these words represent how he will lead. The damage instead is that some Americans will accept these words as some kind of representation of reality.

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