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Staying at a Hostel for two weeks and living to tell about it.

There are obviously some bad things about hostels that don’t need to be delved into. doesn’t mean bad hostels. He just mean the act of sharing a room with four people. It ain’t easy. Sometimes you just wish you weren’t wearing … Continue reading

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There had to be a less painful way to get your point across.

*Train between Genova and Venice.

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Watching the Irish versus Italian soccer game at an Irish bar in Italy. *what the hells is that water doing there?  

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Thoughts on Anti-USAisms.

For the last few years I have felt a disconnect about some of the political rhetoric and the realities abroad. Take  this picture. It was taken in Lausanne, Switzerland. Switzerland and the US have fine relations at best and, at … Continue reading

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What Does George Clooney Say About America?

Is George Clooney THE American. Well, literally yes if you take into account the 2010 film title. But, there’s more. hadn’t been abroad in a few years so it was a mixed feeling when the first thing he saw … Continue reading

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