Yesterday wrote about Sandwich, so it’s only natural that today he wants to explore some Fries.

Fries in Virginia that is. Unfortunately, they say it another way.

Fries (pronounced “freeze”) is a town in Grayson County, Virginia, United States. The population was 484 as of the 200\10 census. Fries is part of the Blue Ridgearea, and shares in that region’s old-time musical traditions.

So where did the name come from?

Carolina cotton mill owner Colonel Francis Fries. Jim ‘Pipe’ Carico (of Stephens Creek, Virginia, the nearest incorporated town) contacted Fries in 1900 and proposed Bartlett Falls on New River as a site for a hydroelectric dam that could power a cotton mill. Fries purchased the surrounding rural farmland then hired a local labor force to build a dam…

That’s why it was originally named Fries, but why it’s still called Fries is a bit more uncertain.

Fries petioned the Virginia State Legislature to incorrpoarate the new town of Carico, VA in honor of Jim ‘Pipe’ Carico. For reasons that are not well documented, the town name was instead legislatively changed to Fries. likes any kind of history that includes unabashed uncertainty.

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