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Yesterday wrote about Sandwich, so it’s only natural that today he wants to explore some Fries. Continue reading

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When Writes about Sandwich because he is hungry.

The following is probably pretty obvious. In the end it will do more to explain how’s brain works and expose his various psychosis rather than present new information. Nevertheless, onward. Continue reading

Posted in Intl, Massachusetts, Uncategorized, Wiki Travel | 3 Comments Pities You. pities you. He Grew up on the St. Patrick’s Day snack called Irish Potatoes. He assumed you did too. But, alas, it wasn’t until recently that he learned it was just a Philadelphia snack and you that you poor … Continue reading

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While it’s where Edgar Allen Poe died drunk in a gutter, it’s not the master of the macabre that makes people think of the horror of Baltimore. It’s the Wire. Continue reading

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The Special Relationship.

*Education note: once had a teacher tell him the following: England is England. Add Wales and Scotland and you have Britain. Add Northern Ireland and you have The United Kingdom. Add Southern Ireland and you have a war. Continue reading

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