Pat Burrell

Pat Burrell retired this week. wrote a nuanced piece about him right after the Phillies won the World Series explaining Philly sports through the prism of Burrell.

Since his departure, not everything said about Pat the Bat has been kind. There have been whispers that he’s not the best of guys. Media personalities are prone to say things like he was a cancer or this or that. Anthony Gargano, an otherwise good natured radio host, hints on his show that if Philly knew the real Burrell they wouldn’t like him as much as they do.  He then declines to go further.

It’s unfair to the fans, of course, to make these kinds of  hints. That is not to say the fans deserve to know the sordid details, but it’s up to the media to tell us everything or tell us nothing.

With this in mind, sticks to his guns. In the end, fans might be right or wrong about the real Pat Burrell, but their perspective is their perspective. All wanted to do was explain it.

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  1. Somebody says:

    Hey, i just searched “news” in google for Pat Burrell. Doug Glanville adds some interesting perspective,

    • Hareem says:

      There was a rumor about Nady to the Braves earlier this saosen. The Yankees wanted Casey Kotchman in return so the Braves shot it down.

      • Antal says:

        Rays are the better cotoetimpr by far…they played tough baseball all year last season and they only lost Cliff Floyd and Hinske…they added Burrell and Matt Joyce to replace them both…They traded Edwin Jackson (who i believe had a .500 record) and are replacing him with David Price, who is not a two-pitch pitcher. He has more pitches but was not using them as a reliver..which sounds similar to Joba in 2007. He only threw two pitches because he was the set-up man (which Price was last September), and Price will now show his entire arsenal of pitches.

      • Goris says:

        pwhjort, I am thinking about Nady. The Braves were noprelixg both but the Yankees wanted Kotchman. This was before the Yankees traded for Nick Swisher so they were looking for a replacement for Giambi. And to Scott, yea, it doesn’t look good for Atlanta without Peavy or Burnett. They have the potential to have a great offense but they don’t have much starting pitching. We all know pitching wins championships so the Braves won’t have one till they get some pitching help.

  2. Satish says:

    The Astros are looking to cut some pyrloal how about trading for Carlos Lee? A much better option than whats on the market in my opinion.

    • Margit says:

      You bet DQ, its awesome. It’s alot of fun nojikg around and talking to you about all things Phillies. When you post your article for the day I’m usually sitting here doing some work of my own so its good timing for a chat. I get to read the post as soon as its up. The year I get to Philly we should organise a WSBGM’s get together at the ballpark. Drink some beers and root for the Phightin’ Phils. I look forward to the day. Thanks for providing this space for all our rants and ravings. Blog for friendship!

  3. Marcos says:

    If they are in fact trying to cut praoyll then I would definitely like Carlos Lee. If my memory serves me right he just signed a 5 or 6 year contract also. So the Braves could hold onto him for some time if they chose too. Or they could trade him if Francoeur plays to his potential and Jason Heyward blossoms like we expect him to.

    • Aloe says:

      The Rays will have a solid rotation, but so will the Red Sox and the Yankees. The Sox have seven tstraers worthy of a rotation spot (Beck, Dice-k, Lester, Wake, Penny, Smoltz and Buchholz). In terms of the best five starting pitchers, I believe when healthy, the Yanks have the most talent. Red Sox have the most depth, and the Rays might have the most potential. I agree that we have to watch out for both teams, but the point of the poll was to essentially figure out who is better of the two competitors.

  4. Somaye says:

    I’m not going to argue beyond this, but the Yankees were NEVER treenestid in Kotchman. The Braves were treenestid in Nady at one point, talks went nowhere, and at some point in the haze somebody suggested that Kotchman for Nady might make sense. However, this was purely speculation and there has never been an indication that the Yankees are treenestid in Kotchman. Everybody knows they want the biggest name FA as their 1B, not a light-hitting trade chip.

    • Noor says:

      Arizona? That’s out of left field. I live in Jersey. Too many hits from the (Rich) Dubee?Point taken about acquiring aetnhor top-tier starter. I’ll gladly relinquish one of those two, but I’m not optimistic about our options. I just don’t want to boot Wolf, an above average starter (even with his injury record) who will likely work at a discount, in exchange for an overpriced, over-the-hill free market castoff. I’m open to offers in exchange for Pat Burrell + expendible outfielder + cash, but the Front Office won’t go for that.

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