America The Beautiful.

In sort of a reverse travel story, considers what the French think of Americans. It might sound like the set up to a joke, but it’s not.

The Louvre never has much American art. At first it seems snarky, but their excuse is pretty solid. See, The Louvre doesn’t exhibit art past 1848 and America isn’t all that old.

Still, this story from NPR suggests the French still want them some America. Are they kissing the ass of a superpower? Nah, they just like them some leaves.

(Thomas) Cole’s paintings show Indians, the blood-red leaves of North American autumns and dramatic scenery. (The curator) Faroult says Europeans were stunned when his landscapes were first exhibited in London and Rome in the 19th century.

“The colors were quite different, and also the scale was gigantic. He was showing mountains, cliffs, lakes that were looking like seas, they looked gigantic. And the European critics said, ‘Well, it’s not real, it’s unbelievable,’ ” Faroult says.

Anyway, that’s a cool way to look at America. Stunned. Unbelievable. think it’s probably worthwhile to remind Americans of that every once and awhile.

Just don’t let it go to your head, jerks.


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3 Responses to America The Beautiful.

  1. Auth says:

    Braves Interested In Kawakami ?I think I like him btteer than A.J. Burnett, will probably cost a lot less and less of an injury history. Although he might not be an ace but could give us depth as a 2 or 3 starter.Mets have a interest in Lowe and we should go after him we will end up over paying for him but then Mets won’t have him and could possibly be our ace.Just some thoughts to throw out there.

    • Yohanes says:

      If we go after a power bat it needs to be a switch itther or a right handed itther to put in between Chipper and Mcann that can hit the gaps well and doesn’t just swing for the fence. The Braves play half of their games in a pitchers park, just to point out the obvious, but I think we need speed on the bases more than power.I’m sure the Braves will pursue Lowe mainly to prevent him going to the Mets. Lowe could serve as an top of rotation guy at least he won’t be afraid of the NO.1 spot like Burnett is although I’m not fond of the idea of Lowe mainly because there is no point in spending the money outside of 1yr or 2yr deals. Next year’s free agent market will be so much better with more options: Beckett, Lackey, Webb, Duchscherer, Bedard, Cliff Lee. Sign guys for one year in order to get compensation when they reject arbitration for 2010: Sheets, Smotlz, Penny, Pedro Martinez, Randy Johnson. At least we can get good draft picks in return for them when they inevitably decline arbitration.

    • Yusuf says:

      You’re thinking about Jason Bay, the OTHER Pirates oeuifeldtr traded mid-season. Bay was linked to Kotchman this off-season. The Braves were in on Nady AND Bay before the trading deadline but lost those games to Philly and decided to throw in the towel and trade Teixeira. Nady is represented by Scott Boras headed to free agency so there’s no reason to go after him. He’s probably going to make closer to 10 million due to his arbitration raise next year. Overall, Nady would be just a rental, something I believe the Braves are NOT looking for. Heyward is a year plus away and Schafer needs some time to transition to the Majors so I’d like our next OF to be committed for at least 3 years. I want the Braves to go after the Astros’ recently non-tendered power-hitter, Ty Wigginton. He’s a 3B by trade but he can play left field pretty well too. He’s a free agent, so he only costs money and he’s a right-handed, power-hitter. Sounds like a match to me.

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