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America The Beautiful.

The Louvre never has much American art. At first it seems snarky, but their excuse is pretty solid. See, The Louvre doesn’t exhibit art past 1848 and America isn’t all that old. Continue reading

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Harlan County.

So goes to law school and anybody that goes to that kind of institution has to learn about the Constitution. When studying that subject the names Harlan becomes pretty significant. Two Harlans served in the Supreme Court (1877-1911, 1955 -1971). … Continue reading

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Sleepy Eye

Alright, granted it’s pretty cool to have a town named after you. wonders, though, if it’s cool when the town name is basically making fun of you. Take this town in Minnesota:

Sleepy Eye is named after Chief Sleepy Eye, or Ishtakhaba, who was known as a compassionate person with droopy eyelids…

Other than his name though he seem Continue reading

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When the first Sherlock Holmes movie came out wrote a thorough, well thought out article that was half movie review and half travel piece. For the second movie, will quickly churn something out, stick to formula, and probably meander from point to point with out much use of segues.

Sequels are always disappointing. Continue reading

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The Great Drive by Punching

Well, because nothing says “Buddy, you will be missed” quite like getting drunk enough for it to even be possible to get punched by the inhabitants of people in a moving car. Continue reading

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War, West Virginia

War. What is it good for? Well, it seems like it was good for mining once. Not much now. There are less than 1000 people there and the poverty rate is nearly half. According to Wiki, there is only one … Continue reading

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