Parachute, Colorado.

Meet the descriptively named Parachute Colorado. The origin story:

The name comes from the appearance on a map of several streams converging on the town as do the shroud lines of a parachute combined with the arc of the ridge line above the streams which resembles the canopy of a parachute. The town was previously named Grand Valley.

See? That’s pretty cool. Later Wiki adds:

Parachute Creek was named such when the original surveyors mapped the area.

Alright, that’s in the same spirit of the first thing. It sure does make wonder how long parachutes have been around. At least, how long have the been prominent enough to name things after?

Wiki then changes its story faster than a teenager in an interrogation room.

Parachute, Colorado was named after Parachute Creek. However the name of the creek came from the Ute Indians in the area. The mouth of the creek was between two mountains that were very similar. The Ute word of twins or same was Pahchouc. The settlers of the area mispronounced the word and the town was thus named Parachute. The story of the name of the town was written in the Grand Valley Newspaper, June 30, 1910. It was also passed down to those who lived in the town.

Well, what the hell are you talking about Wiki? Pick a story, man. Focus.

In 1908, the town’s name changed to Grand Valley in order to lure travelers. The name was changed back in the 80s when they returned to their senses.

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